Legacy phone – Authenticate by SMS or phone call

Configuring the authentication

Once your company has been enabled you will get notified to set up MFA before you proceed.
Make sure you have your phone nearby!

You need to perform the following steps on a PC.

  1. You will likely see the following image when you try to sign in. If you don’t, click the following link: https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/r?tenantId=4b57ed8a-bc57-4143-8229-b68cd92cbaf3
  2. Click Next.
  3. Choose your method.

Send me a code by text message sends you a text message with a code.
Call me calls you, and you need to press the pound key (#) to authenticate, then hang up.
Enter your Country and phone number and click Next.


Send me a code by text message step-by-step:

  1. Open up the text message:
  2. Enter the code and click Verify:
  3. You’re done. You will not need the app password provided on the screen.

Call me step-by-step:

  1. Once you get the phone call, answer it and press the pound key (#).
  2. In case you see this screen simply click done. You do not need the app password provided.
  3. You may also need to update your contact information. If so, follow the prompts on the screen to set at least one option.